Not Condoning Violence But...

I'm not saying I would like to see Sylvester rip Tweety apart but I used to hate the way Sylvester was constantly abused by either Tweety or the Grandma. It was if they were thinking it was terribly unnatural or wrong for a cat to go for a bird.  Okay, it's only an animation and they probably liked the smaller animal gaining victory over the one who normally wins.  :o) Tweety was really cocky though and his voice got on my nerves.

The situation that annoyed me most was Tom and Jerry.  He used to get abuse from both the mouse and the dog.  Now I understand the underdog issue but a big bulldog is not the weaker animal here.  It made me wonder if the creators actually hated cats. And from what I had seen about real house mice (attacking defenseless chicks) I would rather see Tom have Jerry for lunch.  People have such misconceptions about cats.

I usually cheer on the underdog but I think these poor characters lost out every time and so, in a way, were the underdogs.  

Reeny Reeny
2 Responses Mar 23, 2008

I disagree with the first part of your comment (Tom and Jerry) but we're allowed to disagree! lol <br />
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I agree about Grandma being at fault for leaving them alone, especially when Tweety wasn't always in a cage, and I have witnessed cats figuring out how to open up cages also. I found one of my cats inside a big cage we had for our 3 budgies, luckily he wasn't exactly like other cats and would sit at the bottom confused as to what to do.. We made sure to apply a better lock after that! <br />
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Thanks for the comment.

There were times in Tom and Jerry where Tom would start off by abusing Jerry who wasn't even doing anything. He should have known that in the end it was not going to go his way. What exactly does he want Jrry for anyway? To eat? I don't think so. I think Tom always just wanted to use Jerry as a slave so I don't blame Jerry for getting back at him. As for Sylvester and Tweety, Grandma should have known better than to have a cat and a bird in the same house. I think Sylvester was just jealous that Tweey got Grandma's good attention.