A cat has a right to eat too.

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Blech...seal...oh well a kittys gotta eat don't she? Hey uh Rick *bl<x>inks* can you um toast this up a little...I am kinda spoiled don't too much care for raw seal......

you wouldn't happen to have any grey poupon would you??? LOL

Mustard on that, Rick?<br />
<br />
*Tosses Bones around base of tree.*

*dragon breathes fire on seal* <br />
<br />
i like mine medium well LOL

*Polar Bare watches quietly munching on a seal.*<br />
<br />
Anybody want a bite?

nyah nah nyah nah nyah nyah!!!!!! pbbbbbt!!!

wait he escaped?

Somehow i believe that the bare and tree are behind his escape.

LMBO *grabs the rick creature and hands him over to rhr*

heehee she tied up the wrong bare LOL

He has been taunting me all morning and is tied up in a couple different places on EP :)

Wow, tied to a tree when all I did was stand up for kittykat's rights. (read the origional post.)

Dragging hog tied mushroomteddybearbikerdragonbreath boy back ties to tree ...sticking sock in mouth ....


uh oh ! MDBW??????

Yeah well I think he went MIA with the MDW...lol

He wont be to hard to track look for large MDW drag marks

dang it wheres that bird...

Sets up rotisserie with sticks stolen from grumpy talking tree .

Pats stump next to fire sit shroom boy

i like my idea better

how bout you sit in the nice little nest we built just for the shroomdragonbear kiddo...

how about i sit IN the fire

*smiling brightly* Yes shroomboy come rest your rump by the fire...

I believe other types of fungus do *bl<x>inking* Shroom boy i see you peeking come have a rest

Why yes It does, although kitties don't eat icky birds and yucky shrooms it still sounds utterly yummyfull...

Sounds utterly delightful just what a bare needs to help him stay big and strong.

how about a mushroom stuffed eagle?

Feeds Indy treats mushroom brownie ? Berries? Fish? Bird carcus??

aww poor tree...*busily grabbing branches from the forest forming them into...*

The tree is busy heal.. i mean hibernating for the winter so he can grow pretty new leaves and branches :)

uhm someone better tell the tree to stay back

I will fill you in after i start a nice camp fire :) *lays branches out * Rhr rubs two together to start a fire . Here sit by the fire Indy have a rest

ah I am soooo behind lol

Leaves? Sounds pretty tame to me.

Better late than never :) Kiss !

Kisses leaves

Redman .

Wait...Wait...Wait...hold the phone...Who is the nakie bird on the bare's shoulder?

thank god girls can't eat themselves if they could us guys would never get........never mind

Hey wait mother we are flying mouse kitties that would be canabalism . I am sure you do not want Wendy and I to eat ourselves . Now if you could arrange for The Tree, Shroom boy and a bear with a nakie (well not anymore) bird on his shoulder to enjoy the food chain we would really appreciate it :) P.S. we are good girls and have been unjustly accused of being naughty the boys need punishment hehe

nope but i found a big pile of leaves to jump in!!!

Thank you shroom boy <br />
:P on the bare<br />
Mother we are picking on one another as usual...

the pink polar bare with purple claws is calling other people odd LOL

Not odd? A flying Mouse-kitty? That steals furs?

I not odd Mr. Bare

Pretty much everything and everyone.

whats strange here?

Yup, lost with all of the strange creatures.

hey you are lost in the forest too

What a strange group of creatures you find in the forest these days. What's a simple polar bare to do?

welcome red<br />
<br />
silly shroom....*shakes head*

hey i like trees too i need shade to grow in silly kittys

Hugs thanks for the joe . Weretree i hope you feel better

OK youre welcome....

Good morning to y'all! *stretches and sleepily wonders into the kitchen for a cup of joe* *Passes some to RHR and weirdtree*

hehe good morning girl!

*pulls bad weeds from around tree...waters him...and gives him some fertilizer so he will grow big and strong* See not a tree hater...*staples leaves back on*

Runs hugs tree *evil grin*

*bl<x>inking and smiling brightly*

I mean who are you going to trust a fungi or us *girls looking sheeishly at the tree*

yep blame it on the shroom...

Rick did it not us

Hey RHR didn't set you on fire...Heck I think she even helped put you out weirdtree...<br />
<br />
*Pulls the lighter out and points it at shroom boy*

its getting chilly i think we need a campfire :-)

I didn't just watched . Fire is pretty

We didn't forget and knew sooner or later you would have to speak :)

well, I think I know......hahahahahaha<br />
<br />
*flies into to save the tumbling mouse kitty*

Strange...<br />
<br />
Why is she smiling?

Hmmm :)

Be careful The ones that talk can also poke back.

Pokes tree with stick :0

Well, if he can talk, he can stand back up.

It could be a talking tree whos really quiet but mister ifit is you just pushed his butt over :0 Mouse kitty hauls butt!!!!!!!

Well, as long as it isn't a TALKING tree...<br />
<br />
*Polar Bare knocks over tree with little mouse-kitty.*<br />
<br />
We can do these things, you know.

mwahahaha *flying over dropping mysterious bits at bare and rick*

Sitting high in a a nest up a mysterious tree hahaha bare hahaha!Throws peices of bark at the bare and Rick

hands the bare rug over to RHR don't let go of it this time.....

You are welcome...

Oh my goodness thanks for the rescue .


Gotta watch that tree bark.<br />
Might be the right tree, wrong part of the tree.

It ain't changing constantly and it don't speak, and and I just tried to smoke the bark It sucks!

How can you tell?

lol wasn't in weird tree

Hmmm isn't that the WRONG mouse-kitty in the tree?

*Sneaks in behind bare polar, unzips the fur again, and safely flies to the nearest tree to let her friend out*

hey hey hey!!!! whats with this interspecies kinkiness going on here i'm calling the police the humane society and the kkk one of them will stop this

Hee Hee Hee.<br />
<br />
<br />
Yeah,, there's a mouse in there too.

Is that a mouse in your pocket hehe sorry couldn't resist