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Just Curious

 What is it that makes someone go and read one story but not another. Is it the title? The group? What? Just looking at my own stories, I see that some of them have a lot of views, and others have hardly any at all. I just would like to know what makes people look. I know what makes me look at other peoples stories. But not what makes others look. 
DragonBlue DragonBlue 66-70 2 Responses Mar 4, 2011

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Thanks to all of you for your responses. I don't expect to have a lot of responses, on anything. I just wondered, because I have a few stories that have nearly two hundred views, and others that have maybe three. Wondering if I should change the title. LOL!!! I absolutely do try to leave a comment on each thing I read, unless it is in the question and answer. I don't bother trying to answer questions to which I have NO answers. Oh, yeah, and I stay away from certain topics of discussion. If I know nothing about them, I prefer to just shut up.

I try to look around at what is posted but I guess with me it's whatever my tought patern is at the time, what peak's my interest. I have storie's that are the same way. My Best