A Parents View Of Boys Skidmark Activity

I came across this on another site and thought it might be of interest and even add something to requests that it would be good to get the perspective from a mothers and or a boarding school matrons point of view on boys skidmark activity.

I have asked a couple of hospital professionals and three close friends about their experiences of dirty underwear. The general feeling seems to be that some people usually do get skid marks as a matter of course, with boys up to about mid teens being the worst. It just doesn't seem to be too high on their list of priorities until they start seriously thinking about girls. Two of my friends, (all are mothers) agree that it should be no big deal, but the other gets really uptight with her 12 year old son who not only dirties his pants several times a week, but sometimes hides them in his bedroom to in an attempt to avoid detection. Her other son always goes to her with his dirty pants to apologise if he messes himself. All say that pee stains also are quite common. All say that it is far less common for girls to be 'careless'. I heard somewhere, I think it was in a programme about Marks &Spencer, that about 50% of underpants sold in Europe is still white (at least, at the time of sale!). As a matter of interest, is there anyone out there who doesn't change their undies every day? Does anyone change more than once a day? I know my son (14) only changes his at bath time, even if he 'makes a mistake' in them earlier the day - fortunately not too common an occurance. My next 'project' is to speak with a continence advisor at the hospital where I work - I'll report back soon.

The more I ask of friends and fellow medical professionals, the more fascinating this subject of dirty pants becomes! One of my old friends, a mother or 3 boys & 1 girl, responded in some depth when I asked her about her experiences. It would appear that her daughter and eldest son have not had many problems in this area, but her other two sons (and her husband!) have. She says that her middle son (aged 14) gets quite severe staining, probably from actually messing himself, at least once or twice a week and hardly ever goes a full day without some kind of skid marks. She has tried to deal with it as best she can, but he just doesn't seem bothered about it - she's convinced that he does it on purpose. He says that most of his friends do it, so he doesn't feel any peer pressure to improve. The youngest, aged 11, simply doesn't seem to have learned how to wipe properly and her husband refuses to get involved - she says she thinks it's because he's rather careless himself.! Pee stains are quite common too, she says, but as she insists on clean pants for all of them every day, she says that they don't show too badly. She estimates that there are in the region of 15-20 soiled pairs of pants in her laundry each week. As we were in her kitchen and she was doing the laundry whilst we were chatting, I can confirm that this is no exaggeration!

It seems I'm not the only one with an interest in marked/messed undies!. Jeremy - please do tell us more about your friend - is he the only one in your circle of friends? What about his mother, what does she say? Do all the other boys make fun of him? Lara - yes, I for one am very interested, please do tell us about some of your experiences. You're certainly not the only girl to have suffered the way you describe - I remember clearly a girl called Joanna at primary school, who also always wore white panties which often showed poo stains right through to the outside. She was the 'butt' of many jokes! I've also heard of girls who get stains in their pants occasionally, but with many boys it tends to be a regular thing rather than the odd accident. I must admit to having my pants, it rarely left too much of a mark in them - it was always rather solid. Even if it got squashed I usually got away with it, and was rarely told off at home, unlike my brother. He once admitted to me that he often went behind bushes on the way to or from school and wiped himself in his pants afterwards - another example of boys not being really bothered about it. He argued that it was better than having a sore bottom, or pooping his pants. He also often used to hold himself (with his hand) when he needed to wee but couldn't be bothered to go - especially when he thought no-one was looking. I don't know whether this resulted in stains, as his pants were light pastel shades which wouldn't have shown - although the poo still showed. Another thought - did anyone here get punished as a child/teenager or hear of others being told off for marking/messing their pants? What sort of reactions did parents have to such things? Some seem extremely laid back about it, others get very uptight. I've met both types, but more of that another time.

Anyone got anything to add?
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Feb 28, 2011