Zp Pt 4

In all we lost practically everyone in the library. The only people left were me, the teacher, the special girl, Jose, Alex, and two girls who appeared to be best friends. Alex helped me push the bookcase back and we headed back to the computer to watch some more videos. We didn’t find anyone more useful than IceSoldiers23. The news had only posted articles and videos on riots.
“I think this is way past being called a riot.” I said to myself.
“Look at this.” Alex said. He had pulled up a satellite photo of the United States. Smoke covered most of the major cities and it looked like volcanoes had erupted all over the country.
“Oh my god.” I said my jaw was slack. “How did this happen without anyone knowing?”
The teacher scoffed behind me. We looked at her confused. “What?” I asked.
“Some knew all about this.” she said sitting down at a computer, “They kept it out of the news and away from the public because of what people do when they think the world is going to end.” We stared at her.
“What do you mean?” she gave me the one eyebrow look.
“Think about it. If everyone knew the entire population was going to turn into mindless flesh eating zombies then a lot more people would have suffered from just the fear. There would have been riots, raping, pillaging, you know all that jazz.” She looked down at her computer and started clicking and typing. I looked down at Alex and gave him a weird look. For a Special Ed teacher she was pretty callous. No wonder she only had three students. I went to go look out the window again. I could see black smoke in the distance but no one was wandering around on the lawn. There weren’t very many students in the school on Friday evening any way so I wasn’t very surprised. Now if it was Monday evening, I wonder if we would have found out sooner. I could hear the two girls who stayed behind giggling.
Jose was sitting between them and had an arm around each girl. He looked like he was enjoying himself immensely.
“What is going on here?” the teacher asked like she was somehow offended. She folded her arms over her small breast and glared at Jose. Jose muttered something I was pretty sure was another insult under his breath and the two girls laughed again.
“You have a lot of work that still needs to be done Mr. Garcia. I suggest you stop messing around with the bunny twins and get to it.” the girls giggled and started touching Jose’s chest with their French manicured nails.
“Man, come on. You really think anything I do now is going to count for anything?” he asked.
“Yeah Julie.” One of the girls said emphasizing the teacher’s first name, “It’s the damn zombie apocalypse or whatever.” They giggled again. I went back to logging in my books not wanting to listen to the argument any more. I had logged all the books in and was magnetizing the last one when Alex came up to the desk and leaned on it. “What are you doing?” he asked.
“Just keeping busy.” I told him. He just stared at me. “How long do you think we’re going to be stuck here?” I asked him.
“Well from what I’ve seen no one is coming to help and no one knows what’s going on or how this came to the United States. Most people are saying to arm ourselves and stock up on food and water. A lot of them are going to try and wait it out.”
“So we need some supplies.” I nodded. “We have no food or weapons to keep our selves safe. The only water we have here is in the cooler in the office. If we go out for food we should bring back some containers to hold more water from the sink.”
“Sam.” He said looking up at me. I watched him. He glanced around looking at the teacher and then the three making out on the couch.
“You know as well as I do that this isn’t just going to disappear.” I sighed. I think I was hoping for a pep talk. Whatever this was I wasn’t sure I wanted it.
“I know.” I said agreeing with him. “But where are we supposed to go?” he looked around again and whispered, “Somewhere secluded. Somewhere not a lot of people lived in the first place.”
“What about the army? Don’t you think maybe we would be safer where there are a lot of guns and people to protect us?” I asked him. He shook his head.
“No from what I’ve seen those places are being swarmed constantly what with all of the noise and vehicles moving around all the time.”
“What are you guys whispering about?” asked Julie. We both looked up at her then at each other. Alex gave me a look that I took as I was supposed to keep quiet.
“This is a library.” I told her. “Just because the zombies are here doesn’t mean the rules don’t apply.” I told her as I finished magnetizing the book I was working on. She rolled her eyes at me and I looked back at Alex. He gave me a small smile but I didn’t smile back.
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