i was in a relationship this guy, we were 2gether for about 1 1/2. thru out the whole relationship i was just so insecure, and selfish. He did his share of game playing, and all dat other stuff. but like 6 months ago we officially broke up. i have realized alot and i regret acting the way i did. it sux!! i loved him soooo much and still do. i have tried to make him see that i still do love him but he ignores me and makes me feel like a stalker (worst feeling) and now like 2 dayz ago i hear he has a new girlfriend and shes pregnant with his child OMG it hurted soooo much. and i asked him about it and told him how i felt but he didnt care and just laughed and made jokes, yea i defended myself but it didnt make me feel any better. i really hate the way i feel about him bcuz he was really mean to me when we were 2gether. i just dont know how to get over this or HIM. Im losing my mind. 

mysterious88 mysterious88
18-21, F
Feb 8, 2010