Parents Leave Me Alone

to be honest life it just becam hell but what could i expect from a mother like her she says if yah gona go party then let me know you let her know then she calls your friends breaks it down like let my dauther come home type of **** for gods sake i am gona be 20 next year i gave her a whole 19 year doing nothing but what she wanted no more i wana be able to have some fun and be able to go to a night club with friends acctually bring friends home without the fear of her judging them just cose they not in the same religion or even acctually being able to have friends who are not in the same religion i am not even permited to go to a friends place without telling them what am i gona do and i want them to stop ******** me off with their god is up there you most repent follow his way thing i did that all my life living practically like a none and you know my step dad or my mom are not what you can call the perfect exsample mom is only afraid i go and tell the **** he did to me to someone and the more she insists on keeping me at home to save her damm secret i dont give a **** about her wants but i would never stab my mom in the back my own mom i get the point she loves him but i also know she hates me and i cant blame her i am not in her religion i am a child born by mistake thats what she says i forgot to take my pill and thats why your here she treats me like her worst enemy she even dared accuse me of of trying to steal her husband i cant stand them i need my freedom i go to work every day from from 9 am till 11 pm i come home i ask for the phon to see if one of my friends phoned me my freinds are the only thing keeping me subber under presure stoping me from doing big **** but my step dad trys to keep his damm autority when he shouldnt cause he's not my dad never was never will be my dad i hate that bastard with all y heart if it was up to me i would digg a whole so deep and push him in it what ever he thinks of me i dont care but when its my mom it hurts even if she excuses 1000 times i wont forgive her for telling me heres your boyfriend and to the monster of a father i got heres you girlfriend i may have my defauts we all do som more some less but thing is i am a pesone of word i dont lie i keep my promisses and i dont stabb people in the back see and its really hard
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1 Response Jul 11, 2010

i hope not i still have to keep the promiss i gave to my dieing dad to take care of my mom but sometimes i feel like i have done it a lil too much