I Was Asked What Has God Done For Me

Speaking scientifically and  with all aspects in mind,, what would you say the chances of survival  of a 5''3 inch woman 7 months pregnant running down a beach chased by three hungry Grizzlies be?   the figures of death are staggering!!!!!!! the only possible defeat is if i had a gun. 

Figuring this accurately one must take in mind the nature of three grizzly bears, running on hind lags attacking each other. This is presumed to be behavior over who's lunch i belonged to.   The beaches of Alaska are like none other, the sand is soft with deep clam holes everywhere. I was a mile to safety. Keep in mind my weight being so heavily pregnant, and size. 
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4 Responses Mar 25, 2012

So my answer is what hasn't god done for me?

that is NOT luck!!! and any one that doesn't believe in a higher power is a fool! However I believe that "GOD" is all powerful and that GOD is big enough to be every god and no god all at once kinda like different facets of our personalities on an infent scale...and that the earth is no more than a petrie dish in his realm<br />

Very well said my friend.

It seems you cheated them out of lunch and dinner! Seriously, that's a remarkable story, as well as an absolute miracle...

May you all be blessed for your kind words.

This is truly amazing you are being watched over for sure. I am sooo glad and relieved you are here with us today.

Thank you my friend.