The Judgement Line

My time in heaven was brief if you think of time on earth, but they were full of truth and heavenly experiences. I died at the age of three and witnessed a line of people Christ was greeting, i was with the elders, a group of men.  One i believe to be peter. A woman  greeting Christ was welcomed with open arms, it delighted my soul to see such a reunion. The man behind her came up to Christ and he rebuked him, the floor opened and he fell into hell. Tears were from confusion of why that man was thrown into hideous arms below. I was firmly taken away from the scene,  lovingly placed away from harms way. I seen this for a reason, and it was to tell you to get your life right with Christ, this is serious business my friends. I will never forget what i saw and how it changed my life, it was a reality check, one we all need to have.  For if you were to die tomorrow what will your fate be?
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Thank you for sharing your story. It is inspiring.<br />
I lost my faith during my first tour in "Nam. I kept wondering why God and Jesus would allow this to happen. I didn't get it back until 2 yrs. ago. I had a heart attack and arrested. <br />
I remember seeing this bright light and my Dad. He told me to go back, that it wasnt my time yet. Because of that, I have made several life changes, including giving up cigarettes. Again, thank you for sharing.

im sorry ..i have a problem about living my life the way a group of people, over hundreds of years, re-interpreted several times, and preached by peopole who violate the basics (ie priests who rape)......why should i believe you ?

I'm not a part of what you mentioned above, so it doesn't apply to me. God gave us a choice and that is up to you my friend. You are speaking for a handful of people, not me. Christian persecution is inevitable, but i stand firm on my beliefs. They weren't just people my friend, they paved the way for salvation, a gift man is not worthy to receive.

If i could take you where i was i would. It would change your life.