I'm Not Your Typical Christian

     So I was raised in church, Sunday school, youth camp and involved in campus ministry in college. I spent much of my life in the church. When my parents weren't good moral support, the church was there for me so now I've begun answering the call God has placed upon my life and begun making the church part of my career.
     But I'm not typical. During my education in school, I learned how to incorporate new knowledge into my faith. My science classes taught me perhaps the literal interpretation of the bible may not be true. My theology classes taught me that theology has changed during the writing of the bible, from Genesis to Exodus to Joshua, you can see how the view of God had changed over hundreds of years these books recorded.
     My faith in God did not keep my knowledge stagnant but made. Like any Christian, as CS Lewis said, Relying on God has to begin all over again every day as if nothing had yet been done. Every Christian must do so, I think, to continue living a saved life. I like the answer my minister gave in one of our classes to the question about being saved, "I am saved and am being saved." Salvation isn't an event, it's a process and how we grow closer to God should be our quest everyday.
     I do what I can be a better Christian but I don't live in the 1950's or 1700's. I'm a 21st century Christian who is determined to live his life in accordance with God's wishes, and those wishes, I think, are misinterpreted by how politics are divided in the US. Much of what is preached on Sunday mornings is not according the gospel of Jesus. I think the gospel in and of itself has been hijacked by popular society and political power players to the point where Jesus is weeping and wondering when we're going to stop being like the disciples (if you read carefully, the disciples in the gospels are near complete idiots. How many times does Jesus ask them, don't you get it?) and have our minds transformed by gospel. To be continued.
Arimatheus Arimatheus
26-30, M
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