When Christ Came To Save All

He didn't come to his people and say i'll save you but it you must first meet this standard, before your granted salvation. You must not of harmed anyone by your tongue or actions, you must be free of flaws and you must be circumcised! no, he came for the weak, the lame,  the sick and the lost, he came for you and me, and he loved us regardless!  he reached out his hand in pure love, accepting you just as you are. You may have gotten off the beaten track, but my friend learn how to skip!

He saw this world must have a savior and the master came down in such a perfect brilliant manner! he came from a virgin pure, holy and fantastic! his coming meant salvation for all he paid the price that man could never of done, he shed his blood for you sins, you didn't have to be white to go to heaven, there was no stipulation my friends. Who so ever believe in me shall have ever lasting life in the kingdoms of heaven!  All you need isa mustard seed  size faith to make it! he knew the road to him was going to be long with mans influence and science claiming they figured it all out! look a little deeper, god is to mighty for even science to understand. No man knows what knows, but one things for sure, he came for you with all your flaws, habits and sins. With open arms he gave a gift to you that you'll never be able to repay! he doesn't want you to. His gifts are of love unselfish sacrifice to save man kind from the enemy!

He's still standing waiting for you to see him as the father, the maker, the creator and the master of all living things, his gifts surpass your understanding. For they can never be compared to mans heart, for it knows nothing of it! he came with tears, pain and stripes, and then he died and rose again giving Christians a savior to not only believe in, but i fall on my knees in his presence for without i'm nothing!

I love all the precious people he came to save from their own hand, and did not understand! he gave me life when i had none, he gave me hope when i was lost, he forgave me of my sins. For this i gladly follow him!
peachfuzz68 peachfuzz68
41-45, F
May 6, 2012