For quite some time I had a kajira... and in OUR agreement she could use a safe-word for EMERGENCYS!!!! and NOT for any thing else... a beating for " my entertainment" regardless of the reason was well within my rights in said relationship. We occasionally partook in RECREATIONAL spankings along with other "punishments" FOR FUN! THAT IS SEPARATE FROM PUNISHMENT! the point I am trying to illustrate is that SHE did NOT have a say in whether or not she received a spanking! and NOT ONCE did she ever say safe-word! HOWEVER on a number of times I did punish her for being displeasing... she was often rebellious about this but would accept what I deemed appropriate... this is all history so that you will understand THIS... IT WAS A RULE THAT SHE TAKE HER ELECTRONIC LEASH(cell phone) WHEN SHE LEFT HOME! A HARD AND FAST RULE!!! it was Important because we had 7 kids between, and emergencys do arise. so one day she got her purse and MADE SURE she put her phone in it, then set it by the door. HER DAUGHTER GOT THE PHONE AND MADE A QUICK CALL BUT DID NOT PUT THE PHONE BACK IN THE PURSE. they then grabbed the purse and went shopping for about 4 hours without checking in... I was FURIOUS!!!! when she got back I told her to get up to her room! (I had the authority to spank WITHOUT a reason) She went up stairs and I told her to *****. she did but was very upset ! but submitted and striped and laid over the side of the bed. she kept saying that it wasn't her fault. I said that she needed to shut up and accept my decision!!! with tears in her eyes she closed her mouth and bent over. I got the leather out and when I swung the whip it was as HARD AND FAST AS I COULD!!! she had been told that I would hit her 10 times.... when I delivered the 10 blows she turned over with tears running down her cheeks and looked at me with a bewildered look in her eyes... you see for some UNEXPLAINED REASON I had missed her *** ALL TEN TIMES! I took her by the hair and pulled her in close to me and whispered, with the utmost intensity, that I DID NOT CARE IF IT WAS HER FAULT OR NOT AND THAT IF FOR ANY REASON SHE EVER LEFT WITHOUT THE PHONE (whether her fault or not) THAT SHE WOULD GET TWENTY JUST LIKE THE BLOWS THAT HAD LANDED BESIDE HER... AND THAT I WOULD NOT MISS AGAIN! the display and the fact that she was willing to accept the punishment even though she was not at fault for the indiscretion made me proud of her(and I told her that) I felt that "double or nothing" was an acceptable compromise... she was shown that I was serious and that for that she had no excuses left. SHE HAD NO DOUGHT that I would stripe her if it happened again and that it would be bad... this put a look of awe on her face because in the same instant I had punished her by upping the steaks (for a relative minor thing) which made her KNOW I was strong WHILE also showing her I was merciful. (by the way she NEVER left the house again with out her phone.)
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Where is she now?

We parted ways after a time.

See, that's what I'm talking about. If you're going to make a rule, then stick to it.

Yes, if she had called.... But that did not happen....


Wow. Very impressive on both sides. Thank you for sharing this Sir.

What do you mean by BothSides?

Oh. I meant that I found your ability to effectively enforce your rules while showing mercy to be impressive and the way you did it was creative. I found her actions and trust in you to be admirable, something to strive for in my own relationship. (Both sides, seeing the situation from your POV and her POV :-)

Thank you foe te input

In our Gorean lifestyle between a Master and a Kajira, discipline is very important and of course so is the punishment. It is no good if punishment is given and no learning comes from it. This Kajira would than learn that if she is allowed to go on by herself, she had better follow ALL rules of the home. Now a days, the cell phone is very important to have and at no time should it not be taken with on any outing. I would hope that keys to the car, house keys and the cell phone go hand in hand.<br />
You are a good Master and she was so lucky that you did not show her the kind of punishment that she certainly will receive the next time that ever happens again!<br />
<br />
Now, as to safe words, this Gorean Master does not use them. I feel that my girls had to learn to fully trust me no matter what was to happen to them. I do not condemn anyone else who uses them, but I just choose not to in my household or training.... TOL<br />
<br />
Master Giley

I agree you don't always need to spank to be very effective with discipline.

thank you dear... I know we come from different backgrounds...alot of "DOMS" would feel that was weak... but I think that if you stop learning and evolving you are wasting your life!I feel that having a submitted wife or a TiH relationship.... may be more in line with my current beliefs.

I can understand that, I agree about TiH, it has brought nothing but happiness for us and I wouldn't change things for all the tea in china lol :o)