Cybersex, Cybering Or Sexting

           Arguably this is the newest sexual taboo, and for some people it is offensive, foreign or at best just plain "odd behavior". Nonetheless, it is practiced widely enough that it cannot be considered abnormal. I'm writing this to enlighten those of you who this is foreign to. I feel qualified enough since I have been at it for nearly 15 years on various forms of media (IRC, chat rooms, email and virtual worlds). Most of time it just an innuendo cleverly placed as a pun inside of an email to tease my partner. On occasion it is a full blown novel (pun intended).       

     Here are some of my insights. Good Cybering is dance of words, a creation of a play between two partners volleying their own desires outward, while responding to their partners desires. Like real sex, to be good, you have to listen to your partner, and be creative. You have to care and share a bond. That being said, having casual cybering is as rewarding as casual sex -  its not very rewarding. Granted new partners are exciting, but there is also that element of awkwardness and fear you might experience in real life.

            Their are lots of reasons for it doing it. My partner lives in a remote place, as she puts it "pickings are slim here" and it fills a void of needed companionship and closeness. We don't just cyber, most of the time we chat, share problems and support each others. It works. What if your real life partner can't be with you. Some people fear face to face contact, or feel safer this way.

            One thing I do know, you will learn more about a persons sexual tastes by cybering with them than you will by fumbling in the dark in real life. And, you will learn a bit more about yourself by expressing your desires in words. If you a have a real life partner that you want to explore more with, give it a try, its akin to shared journaling. Just give it time as it can be awkward at first few tries. Cybering is a good opportunity to safely explore your own sexuality. One last thing, it can reveal behavior in someone else you don't like, before committing to a real life relationship disaster.


 Below is an example of a cybering:


I agree you would be a good study.

Slides his hands up between her thighs – I can start my studies right here – let's see what you taste like? Pushes her legs together grabbing her panties and pulling them down off her ankles. Then pushing her legs apart again, with a sly smile places his whole mouth over her ***** and moves warm air across the exposed pink flesh.

*gasps slightly before leaning back a bit, her legs easily parting with his motion.  Catching her breath as his warm mouth moves over her, she arches a bit, wantonly eager for his study*  what are your findings so far, my Master???


Chocolate and blueberries,  pressing the tip of the tongue into a fine point a sliding between the lips up up up slowly to hood. Then working under the base of the hood in fine circles.

*whimpers low, her body already trembling from her master's touch. Balancing back on her elbows, thighs spread wide for him, she gives herself fully over to his very close study, no complaints about his method*


Working in little circles and then long strokes over and over on the hood; waiting and watching and working. Then down and into her he goes deeply with his tongue - up inside to the roof and drawing out and backing with upward pressure lapping hard.

*gasps and pants softly, her body reacting with full arousal as his talented tongue drives her wild - flushed skin, taut nipples, growing hot and wet as he again reduces her to a needy ****, making her writhe spread wide for him. Hips lift slightly as his tongue goes deep, using  it like his **** to increase the sensations. With a ragged voice, she whispers* Master!!*


Abruptly, tossing her back pushing her legs high on his shoulders, pulling her but to his pelvis he pushes and pins her knees to her ears exposing her in a very vulnerable position. Climbing upward on to her, he drives his **** near straight down into her exposed warm **** hole and presses it hard and deep filling her completely.


Ohhhh *voice trails off to a low guttural moan as his **** possesses her, filling her with his hardness. Despite the position, she moves as she can beneath him, her body flaming with passion for her owner, poised to *** hard, shuddering around his ****. Begging like a ****, she grips his arms, fingers tight* please master, let sun *** on you

I have not even begun to thrust and you want to *** - you greedy ****. Tighten up your ***** and wait for your Master, slapping her *** he lets her relax down her legs to his shoulders and begins ramming his thrusts long, deep and fast.


*flushes even more deeply than her aroused state at his words, knowing
then to be true. Biting her lip, she struggles to keep control and
works to pleasure her master instead of herself, his slap on her ***
leaving a warm imprint making her focus more. Working her muscles
around his ****, she tightens her wet *****, wanting his **** pulsing
against her as he rides her hard. Fingers dig at his arms as she meets
each thrust, the force making her whimper each time her master drives

With a final thrust he jerks his head back cuming hard deep inside her. When the last of it is gone he pulls out as quickly as he entered and giving her no time to cool, grabs her hand, forces it between her legs. Now you *** and I will watch.


*lifts her head, his weight suddenly gone from her body, no longer forcing her back beneath him...his command makes her blush but not caring, she quickly obeys, her wanton body needing release.  lowering her legs, keeping them spread wide, she moans at the though of him watching her as she makes herself ***.  fingers splay against her *****, middle finger slipping between wet lips, finding her ****, making her jump slightly.  breathing heavily from his use, she quickly rubs her **** in circles, before long, her whole body shudders with the sensations.  dipping her finger low, she smears a bit of her Master's *** upward, making her ***** even more slick as she goes back to rubbing herself hard and fast, eager to feel the release, wanting her ***** clinching tightly for her Master*


Grasping her upper arms at the as she begins to ***, feeling each shudder ring through her body, he presses closely over her and leans into a warm kiss. With her heart racing against his chest, he feels nothing but love and tender warmth for her.


*eagerly tips her head to kiss her Master, her body still writhing as he leans over her, waves of sensation crashing then fading as her senses return, enjoying his study greatly...speaking softly against his lips, she whispers low* you make me such a ****, Master!!  I get very wanton around you!*


I hope your day rocks from here on in.


*purrs*  I needed that, my master :) I like how you 'catch up'!!!!  I have missed you greatly :) *


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it takes real life skill to be skilled in the cyber world...

I agree that it can be awkward or even a bit uncomfortable to begin with. As you pointed out though, it can also bring a couple closer and pull in experiences that might not be experienced offline. I have been able to try things in a virtual setting that are not possible for me offline. Granted the experiences would be quite different but with a good imagination, the results are pretty amazing!<br />
<br />
I love the excitement and the visual descriptions that a nice cyber session creates! It is a lot of fun and something I enjoy a lot.<br />
<br />
thanks for your insights!! As always, meaningful :)<br />
<br />