"mine" Part 3


      ........my kiss of her deepened against her  warm mouth.... tasting her soo sweet and good..my fingers working over her hard nipple pinching it a bit harder...the sexual aroma about the room had heightened the sexuality even further in both of us.... I stood up again before her.  leaving my hand on her nipple, every so often a firm pinch of it  between two of my fingers as I watched her face in pleasure from my touch.

        I moved slowly behind her again, bending over slightly as my mouth hung ever close to her ear and neck, warm breath sending goose bumps over her skin.... placing a few subtle bites on her shoulder as I knelt behind her with my right knee on the ground  with my left crouched and up behind the perfect roundness of her ***.....placing my hand on her shoulders I  pushed her til she was on all fours.....rubbing my hand from the back of her neck trailing my fingers lightly towards her bottom...a big smile upon  my face that she could not see....my hand finally landing on the left cheek of her ***.. I asked " who do you belong to girl"...before she could answer,  lifting my hand from her I gave her a firm spank on the left side or her ***.....hearing her moan out a bit.."yoooouuu are my Master...."  she answered in an almost hushed tone... with those words my hand first found the left side of her *** once more and then the right.. laying two good smacks on her full bottom..... watching as the redness moved across her soft skin from first the left side crossing over to the  right gradually...."ah..." uttered from her lips followed with " YOU are MY MASTER " spoken with much more conviction and sureness...... a wry smile crossed my face...I was most pleased.....

         Slowly I moved behind her.....now naked with my hardened manhood only a few inches from her.....feeling my own readiness to take her for the first time as "mine"..........

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5 Responses Mar 5, 2010

*grins* definitely worth the wait :) sadly, it just makes me greedy and impatient for more more more!! haha You have a nice talent for painting a vivid picture with words!

Thank you.....now I've got to try to refocus so I can get some work done.

ohh my *fans herself* This story is really heating up!!! I'm so glad I logged in this morning and found it!! What a boost to a dreary snowy Wednesday :) Thank you!!!<br />
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Good job keeping the forum alive !!

thanks for part 3..still very hot! :))<br />
can't wait for more parts.