I used to date this guy. I was in seventh grade and he was in eight. Then he graduated and went to high school. We were still dating and then broke up at 6 1/2 months. Then we were on and off for a while and then that ended too after i stupidly got jeaalous. we havent talked since . before school started we started talking again. Currently I am a freshman now and he is a sophomore . I run into him a lot. I miss him so much :( I want him back . I told him I still like him but he told me he moved on and he likes somebody else. I never took that seriously because I always held onto hope that we would fall together again like we always ended up doing after we called it off. But today I saw this picture of him , and it's like reality slapped me in the face. He looked so damn happy and that broke me. I want him to be happy with me:( He currently isn't dating but he tells me he likes someone else (although he has been known to lie about liking someone just to bother me, he has done it before) and I just CAN'T move on from him. I love him so much. I was thinking about tricking him into coming close to me then I would kiss his cheek. But after seeing that picture .. I just snapped. Nothing else matters. I have noticed that I continuously have tried looking for other potential boyfriends . But all I was trying to do is find a replacement for Ramiro . But I can't . Because truth is , there is nobody out there like him. How can I get him back? Or what the hell am I supposed to do?
Danielaa05 Danielaa05
16-17, F
Aug 21, 2014