Not A Real Brony

I call myself a brony on xbox, facebook, and all that crud just to troll people. Its hilarious when someone gets mad to the point of (rage comic fans) flipping the desk! I just die laughing. I know its mean, but you guys should try it, its fun!
Blakon Blakon
1 Response Jun 11, 2012

I stayed in my hidy hole with nowhere to go.
Come out, come out, no one will scowl,
they tried to say. We love you any ol' way.

OK, I'll try it, but I will tell them I just got back from a voyage.
"I just got back from Tarshish, just to see if they knew the place
a famous man tried to run to, and got tossed into the drink,
before the boat sank.

One guy asked if I had actually made it?
I thought I could stump one of them.
I could go crazy, but they would only confuse
themselves, when they came after me.