Tales From Invisible

I speak in silent words,
A speechless language,
No one listens.
I laugh in soundless bells,
Noiseless tones,
No one smiles with me.
I shed disguised pearls,
An unseen tribute to my sadness,
No one watches my tears.
I dress in hidden clothes,
Masking my soul,
No one notices.
I shout in voiceless screams,
Silent agony
No one hears.
I bleed imaginary blood,
Scarlet pools of pain,
No one observes
I touch with non-existant strokes,
Icy fingers brush warm skin,
But no one flinches
I walk with quiet footsteps,
Lonely impressions left in sand,
No one walks with me.
I dream in shadowy pictures,
Thoughts swirling in clouds,
No one sees my soul
I speak.
I laugh.
I cry.
I dress.
I scream.
I bleed.
I touch.
I walk.
I dream.
In silence.
I live,
In invisibility. - Anonymous


Invisible Man

Invisible, you say you are
And I can fathom why
It is hard to see the man
That doesn’t catch your eye


But looks can be deceiving
The eyes aren’t always right
And there is more to a man
Just hidden, out of sight


Take a look inside this man
Whose face is nondescript
You’ll find a brilliant mind
Of honed and polished wit


His words like tears they tumble
Upon the paper white
At times he’s invisible
But never when he writes


A blazing star in cyber space
This man of poetry
I’m glad I took the time to look
At this man you can not see - Leo2

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7 Responses Dec 27, 2009

if all that you say is really true,just look in the shadows im invisible too!

I tried to be invisible, but it only made me blue.
I hid myself away for over two years,
"It's the best thing to do"

You are a blazing star in cyber space, it's so obviously true.
You are sensitive about something aren't you?
I know, I am too.

I came out of hiding on July 17th.
The anniversary of losing part of myself.
I found a letter today, a tribute from an inmate named Duke,
about his correctional officer, in Walla Walla State Pen.
My 24 yr old brother was killed in a wreck you see.
But if he had lived, his brain wouldn't have worked,
so I learned to be thankful, it could have been worse.

Some people stare at me, because I can't remain in disguise,
A Burka might help, but it wouldn't hide me.
Three old ladies in a restroom asked me what had happened to me,
and that's my goal, to warn others about a rotten legal drug.

I wish I was like you, a mystery in cyber space.
But your charming wit, is truly a blessing in disguise. ~ Boshie

i find them sad

I don't know... If you let yourself really go you could.

Thank you for sharing it. It is written in such a fashion that at some point in their life anyone can associate with them. Very simplistic and moving in nature so that anyone can bond with the deeper meaning of the words

Excellent post!!!

These are friends of yours? hmmm perplexing. I love the poetry.