Stand Back, Dont Come Near Me. Yet

I attract people without even trying. They look at me without pursuing. I have the strength to pull you to me but I dont have the powers to push you away. I will hurt you unintentionally for I could love you immensely. Stand back, dont come near me...YET... because I dont know what I must do. I am someone who is invisible despite my very presence here,

BlueStockingMan BlueStockingMan
5 Responses Dec 29, 2009

They call it "ghosting" over at MGTOW ( The more you practice it, the more people seem to be attracted to you. You sound like a natural.

Happy New Year and thank you for revisiting this post. I am confident that there are relationships out there waiting to be met and shared by almost everyone. It is imperative to be sure of oneself first before one can be sure of anything. I am speaking in riddles not to complicate this matter, but the mind works in a different manner when I am in deep thought. I understand that over analysing it, increases the doubts and fear. Thank you again for coming.

of the many gambles of life...relationship ones are often met with 'i pass' after some LOSING hands. never to approach it again, ever.<br />
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which i all too well understand. which i sometimes also view as selfish----a high act of deprivation. depriving someone deserving who you just know is out there--somewhere.

Thank you for your supportive view. Sometimes we are our own enemies. But I do believe it is better to be sure than semi-sure. But how can one be 100% sure unless one warns the other first before all hell breaks loose. But by doing so, we may lose out in the long run. We may chase the goodies away and attract the baddies.. Life and relationship are a gamble in many ways. People are different-if everyone was perfect, then there will not be any grievances, misunderstanding, miscommunications and divorces.

cool. u sound a lot like me. trust me, u are not invisible, any more than i am. just uncommon and off the scale, which most people shy away from, unfortunately....