I Am Starting To Hate Facebook

I am starting to hate facebook more and more. I really should have my cousins and a few friends on there. I need to just delete most of them because they pay no attention to me anyway even though I pay attention to them. I am starting to believe that most people are just fake and they just don't give a care.I wish sometimes I was just not so sensitive!I wish I had the heart to just remove most of the friends on my list because alot of them are NOT FRIENDS!!!I also see events and pictures of parties I am not invited to. Nobody wants to feel REJECTED, I mean REALLY!!!!I suffer from anxiety and depression enough as it is. Facebook just depresses me more. I cannot even be myself on there anyway. With Experience project, I can be myself alot more.Another thing I hate is why People in this world are SO DAMM UNFRIENDLY and CLIQUEISH!!!!I could just go ON AND ON but it would take several PAGES for THAT!!The more I get to know the way people are the more I love my husband and son and my pets and SCREW everybody else who does not CARE.I am tired of caring so much about people and trying to be so friendly and THEY JUST ARE NOT NICE BACK!!!The people that have the BIGGEST HEARTS get rejected the most. Sometimes I wish I HAD NO HEART because I get my feelings hurt every day from someone.Life hurts SO BADLY!! well bye for now. Any words of wisdom would be great.Sincerely Shooger
Shooger Shooger 41-45, F Oct 8, 2011

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