Last Time I Checked I Still Was A Female! So Unless I Metamorphosis Into A Guy Right Now Or Deside To Get A Sex Change Operation I'll Continue To Be A Girl! And I Can't Picture Myself Being A Man. No Can't Do!.I Like My Female Body And The Wonders I Can Create!. I Like The Clothes And Accesories, Shoes Only Women Can Rock!-------> (Women, Trans, And Drag Queens). Like The Way We Smell Too! Sometimes We Don't Need Perfume, So That's A Plus! In All, I'm 100% Female, I Like It, And Love It!!!

andreinac13 andreinac13
22-25, F
1 Response Mar 31, 2009

there is nothing like being a woman. i do not care how many surgeries a man has he will NEVER, NEVER have the essence of a real woman!!!