I've been diagnosed as not sane all the time. I am sane more often than not but sometimes...

I am schizoaffective. That means I can have some "really out there" times. Like the time I did donuts (with my car) in the police parking lot. I was trying to get their attention so I could have an audience when my car started flying. Really, I thought my car could fly. It didn't work, though. Instead I was cited with 16 violations when they finally caught me. After they put me in a jail cell, I tried to hang myself with my shoelaces (yeah, such a small town, they only had 2 cells) I was then escorted to the psych ward of the little hospital. The put me on meds (I had discontinued my meds a month earlier) and stayed there until I was more "sane"

I have "episodes" every so often. Last one, I was convinced that I was going to be set up by the government to be blamed for doing some horrible thing and since my "history" is laden with psychological  problems, I figured I was an easy mark.

Anyway, I can tell you lots more but you probably get the gist of my interesting life.


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Thank you for not running away screaming!! :)

wow. thanks for the insight. i find this facinating. i don't know why.