behiind everyone...there is a secret. my favorite game is guessing what it is...
my secret,so many...they all hurt...
one of them is looking at my friend kate.
we have been best friends since i was two.
i envy her. her clothes, amount of friends boyfriend....people who love her.
she is emotionally depressed too.
she always has us.
she hides this mask
i am making a series of this.....
a serie of what people hide
what mask do you hide.
i have a physco mask.......happy on the outside
sad, depressed....crazy on the inside
only one person understands.
sarah, myfriend, doesnt understand...but she taughtme how to live with it
she gave me a world tolive in.
i cant explain, but it is butiful
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2 Responses Dec 27, 2011

yupp...i have to tell you about the world

thats true. i do.