Please Help Me. I'm About to Go Insane!

Why did the mental health nurse pop up @ my house unexpectedly JUST to try to tell me to clean my house?
& then she just left? I'm 24, & I have a college degree. She gave me NO warning that she was coming over. Plus, all I was doing was reorganizing papers. I was in the middle of cleaning, so OF COURSE papers will be all over the place!

It's routine for her to see me every month. But she just pops up with out calling or warning. & today, she pissed me off by telling me about the condition of my house, when I didn't ask for her opinion.

But why did she do this? Why are mental health professionals so intrusive in my life? I can't even get a boyfriend.

They think that just because I have a mental illness, then that means I'm too stupid to know left from right. Why can't I live like a normal human being? & these "professionals" don't give a **** about me b/c when I see them @ WalMart, they turn their noses up @ me & roll their eyes like I'm the most grotesque being on this Earth. They just wanna have somebody to ******' CONTROL! They're greedy for control, & they're making my life & mental health symptoms worse. I'm about to say to ******' hell with mental health services, & all those greedy ******' dogs do is make your God damn mental health symptoms WORSE!

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1 Response Aug 4, 2008

I feel your frustration in your post. I am sad to hear they are so cold with you outside of work. It might be because they are trying to keep work separate from their private lives but a smile really couldn't hurt now, could it? Just know that there are people out there who really care and are praying for you right now (be it to God, Allah, Buddha, what have you). Mental illness is hard, but remember not to beat yourself up about it. Breathing exercises I find helps alot with stress and anger. Sending you good vibes.