Lets Run Around In Circles!!!

people really do think i'm...ya pretty weird. i guess the only people who understand me are my best friend and my sister (maybe that's cuz they're just as crazy as me).  im so random and so insanely impossible. in my room, ill start yelling, and then jumping up and down, then sitting on the floor crying, then get up and start dancing, then start running out of my room and storm into my sisters room and start hugging her, telling her how im in love, but then start yelling again about how i hate my life...then i start laughing incontrollably (that's my favorite part) but ya. ok maybe that's not insanity...maybe just some serious quick mood swings. ah, either way...people still think im crazy.

blueeyedblonde blueeyedblonde
18-21, F
3 Responses Nov 9, 2008

Yes ! You won't believe how much i can relate to this!!!! :O :O there's other like me!!????

omg i love u! lol

People can be so harsh and critical of others. You sound like a fun person to me. Do not let the world get you down. There is no single right way to live life. Enjoy it as I see you do! =)