I Am a Victim With a Strong Heart

I know deep down GOD is always on the lookout for me. Between being raped and running away from my past recent home, I have been blessed. I have been blessed by being allowed to have my father once again in my life and surviving through all traumas. Help from GOD has never been an issue. I just never realized he was by my side all along. God Bless everyone who has a strong spirit and who lives life to their fullest. Any race, culture, religion, or human being truly has a GOD of their own. Never give up on life. I have by-passed suicide and have a new lookout on life.
trixyshaine trixyshaine
18-21, T
2 Responses Feb 6, 2008

right on girl keep that spirituality going by being a blessing as well

You go girl!! I hope your light touches many troubled girls who may feel lost, it is people like you and me who make such a difference! Keep shining! *hugs* CindySue