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I have to say I am spiritual in every way, the more we search for our own truth, the more we grow and love ourselves which in turn projects to the world. Many of us have so many needs, and they go on looking and searching for that something or someone that fills that empty void, the hurt and pain all of us experience as we struggle onward each day. this world we live in is a negative place, as many absorb it and add to it, making more empty places in our spirit.
When we go on our search for truth we can find that we are all beautiful and unique, and that we can overcome the negativity with anything and everything positive, it is out there, whether you look for inspiration, or create it with the love of your family, this negativity can be changed, but we have to love ourselves first then we must go out and help those who need answers.
Please share any positive experiences or ask questions, I have been givin much wisdom and my goal in life is to help as many as I can how ever I can.. so share!
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Mystic44,Thanks for sharing wisdom,One thing which is so important,exploring our self,is the short way, approaching Almighty,the beneficent.<br />
The eternal source,the generator of all lights,<br />
So that is why its said, who discover him self he discover eternal source.<br />
Is not it true? spiritual, person is above religion.would you please put some light on this too, I do not know yours faith,but i know all spiritual personalities links go direct to Almighty?

you cant possibly be 100% spiritual. a person who is spiritual doesnt think of themselves or how negative the world is. god calls you to love your fellow man and treat him the way you would like to br treated. you boast when god calls you to be humble, hypocrite.

You do not need a daily practice of daily meditation, just sit relax with your back on bed head side wood support or with wall,a pillow keeping behind you,, and go to sleep, but not to actually sleep.<br />
sooner doing daily this practice, yours double will start to fly, watch this double ( astral body or yours other existence in light form) journey. watch and enjoy this astral travell, you will enjoy many new places.<br />
very simple ok<br />
after that when you are feeling sleepy, you just lay down on bed, and go sleep, in morning you will feel yours self with energy fresh with out all stupid load of negative thoughts, fear,frustration, fed of life daily routine.<br />
One thing most important when ever go for walk ,do not consume yours mind energy looking on lot of things its consume and wast yours lot of energy,<br />
Just look at ground, believe me ,you with be with a new personality, no fear, no pain etc. all negativity fly away and you got all positive energy in yours being.<br />
try and pls let me know yours progress, hey is not it so easy:-)<br />
<br />
Its hard to practice specific meditation,<br />
I have told you simple thing, every one can do it when he goes to sleep,<br />
good luck,

Again do not consume yours valuable energy in daily life watching every thing,I you want to e energize avid that, as we know all when we visit new places on a trip, and we came back to home,all seems so nice, because our change has made us so energies and we now got new energy, and those frustrated things, or routine life activities before seems to us very boring ,becomes again after visit becomes interested,<br />
Try it, not need to go some where out, but with in yours own circle of daily life .<br />
Even a one day spending just looking to ground makes you total refinfe and calm, now you are with a new fresh refine.<br />
You will be so amazed,<br />
thanks, let me know yours progress, if you like it:-)

wow that really touched me thanks for sharring that

Very, Very inspirational Thank You Sister : )

M44 - Jesus said that it is what comes out of a soul that defiles it not what goes in. So, YES, let it out, push it out, burn it out and let what was always "in" rest in its holiness.<br />
<br />
Yonni et al - The world strives for its utopia which means "out there" which is impossible to get to because all there is is right here, right now. I am the Beloved that I sought before I awoke, and I love you because you are myself, the seeker and the sought.

All of you are spiritual wellsprings of information. For those who listen and are open you are a great source. I'm not sure how this particular story came to my attention, I was stuck answering another qeustion... clicked out and was brought to your story. I am humbled to be in your presence and am happy to feel the inspiration of your words. If you are a group could someone send me a message and let me know. If you are not... you should seriously consider forming one. <br />
<br />
Either way, please let me know. If possible I will take this journey farther by contacting you myself. <br />
<br />
Stay peaceful and serene.<br />

No apologies needed!! This is where I had the most trouble myself, and later I realized it does not have to be a formal meditation, and that many times we meditate and do not even know we are doing it, like your driving to a destination and at one point your like.. how did I get here already, or something like that, your mind was pre occupied in deep thought, which is meditation. Me personally, I cannot sit still long enough to do the formal mediations, so I came up with some great energy releasing 1 minute meditations anyone can do almost anytime.<br />
The first one is an extension of what our body does naturally when we get kind of overloaded. (*Sigh*) Now we take it a step further. Close your eyes and visualize a bright warm loving and safe light above your head, take a deep breath in slowly visualizing the light coming in through the breath (through the nose), going through your entire body healing and regenerizing every cell. Then as you slowly exhale out of your mouth like you are lightly blowing out a candle, visualize all the heavy dark energy you have soaked up through your day flowing out in that breath going up and into the light to be absorbed and gone forever. Do this three times, takes about 45 seconds. And try to practice this at least 2 or 3 times a day. After a week or two you will feel a big difference in your anxiety and stress level, honestly!! I have a few more that are very simple if you would like to hear about them. I will post this for many to see and copy into a message to you so that you get this a little quicker *Smiles* hope this helps.

could u please explain how someone meditates for the first time and how they know if there doing it right<br />
<br />
sorry if i sound silly but i genuinely dont know how...

You have an excellent path! Thank you for sharing this story.

Yes it can be sad, but as I look at it, everyone comes here for each and every challenge they need to enlighten and experience, so in all reality it is not sad when one chooses what ever level of life to learn. We respect and embrace everyone no matter who, what, or where, they are in their life path, and lend gentle assistance when they fall.

Thanks for the story comment Yonicca! I personally just had major neck surgery and I am so surprised the support I get and the caring attention I see when I am out in public with my upper body brace, where in my reality it is no big deal, I have people tell me how brave I was to go through it, but yet I was more thankful I was able to have the surgery and everything went perfectly, and yet even though I have many restrictions right now, my true healing is to find others who need that little bit of support so others can be as content as I am. *Smiles*

Thanks for those wonderful, inspirational words. True, we all try and fill a void, which I personally believe does'nt exist. We try to fulfill ambitions that are near to impossible, try to attain a high status through material belongings while taking false pride in what we are and have.<br />
<br />
What are these things as compared to your inner self? Nothing.<br />
<br />
Spirituality teaches us to seek that inner happiness which exists among all of us. Only, we have forgotten about it or have been so blinded over the years, that we cannot search for it properly.<br />
<br />
Yes, we need to love ourselves first. If not, how can we love others???

Wonderful story and I agree 100%.

well mr tic i like your clock<br />

It does work. Thanks again .

Thanks for sharing your way of peaceful enlightenment, And im sorry about your children,.<br />
I help a lot of my friends meditate, and I pass them energy,[ they need it more than I do] and it makes them feel better, I have empathy too, it does get a bit anoying but you learn to control it, my way is by meditating, I even pas positive energy over the phone, I don't know how, but when someone needs it, a strength comes out of no wear and...I don't know,... but it helps and thats good,.I can also feel there anger, sadness,happyness, and if there hand is shaking and sometimes even what there doing[sitting, looking at there feet,...]Its anoying,the empathy reflects in me.,,I hate it...but it was given to me for a reason,so....<br />
I have a few different ways of letting out the negative energy and bringing in the positive, by using my aura,.<br />
Anyway Ill message you and that way we can talk and see if we can get those nerves out of our system,.<br />
Love and light x

Hi Firebird *hugs*<br />
<br />
I personally find it nearly impossible to meditate, I was just writing in another experience about it, sharing what I do to release because I am an empath and absorb alot, and everyone absorbs it whether they like it or not, but are unable to get rid of it all. The reason I have always had trouble meditating is because I am a mom of 3 at home right now, two are my step children who have been severely sexually abused and have learning dissabilities, they also have behavioral issues one is on 3 mediations, and one of them is an anti psychotic, besides those 2, I have my 8 year old daughter who has a very high level of energy, and I personally have ADD which makes it hard to sit and just meditate, so I had to find ways to release. I have obtained some really easy 10 second releases that I would like to share, it is necessary to try what works for you in order to keep your self balanced and to continue helping where you can... the technique falls along the lines of a "sigh" when we sigh it is actually our body trying to rid itself of the excess energy, now we take it a step further adding visualization to it... close your eyes take a very deep breathe as you visualize a bright cleansing light above you, as you release the breathe through your mouth visualize all the negative you have absorbed flowing out with that breath into the light, do this 3 times each breath you take in visualize the renewing energy coming into your body all over from that light. If you do this every day a couple times a day you will begin to feel the benefit of it within 2 days to 2 weeks. Another one I like to use is when you are in the shower you picture all the negativity seeping out in your pores and being washed away in the water. Very simple and yet very effective!! <br />
But as you say, if one is able to do actual meditation it really is an enlightning and healing thing, I have meditated with anothers help, and wow I wish I could do it all the time. Thanks for your comment!

Meditation is stilling the mind, every thing can be a meditation
if you focus totaly on pealing a potatoe,pealing as perfectly
as you can with total awareness that is meditation

Dear you and all here, I have come to know y chance a better way of meditation,which is so easy
sit on bed state, but yours back should e taking suport on bed wood or with wall, keeping a pillow etc,
I mean you are sleeping in sitting position but not to let you sleep,
you do not need to concentrate,because yurs mind is automatically going to meditation.
leave your mind just empty,as its in a sleeping mode, soon yu are in a meditation state, yours astral body or yours double will soon start travel., or flying to many places, just you fallow that double made of lights elements and watch where he flying, soon you will e master of all this,
carry on daily in day or night when yu want to sleep,
After having that experience go to sleep, you will feel great when you get up. There would e all negavity,fear, anger etc will e no there,
but daily practice is so important,
We can all do that, its most easy, as we know we inter in sleep all rubish thoughts stoped when we inter in sleep, that is the reason we are so relax and calm in sleep.
try it you soon going to benefit It, and you will succeed in changing yours personality.
Other thing having so significant do not waist ours energy looking in so many things,its consumes yours lot of energy and makes yours mind so tired,and makes you frustaded, when you walk try to look on ground not to watching every thing,,
This way yours life stream or energy is saved,
More we spend mind or soul in rubbish thing of no value, more we are tired.
Pls let me know, your this practice.
I have share my est knowledge and experience with you.
All the best :-)

true,you no the best

Hi, lovely write.. It made me feel very peaceful and calm,<br />
I meditate a lot, and that helps me soar and find the answers to the questions that I am searching for,term of speech,. It feels like your letting your sole soar through the night and day sky, It is a great way to eliminate any negative energy and rec lame the positive energy,.<br />
I hope that everyone tries meditation or yoga, because that way every one would be much calmer.<br />
Love and light.*Phoenix* x

yes meditate is solution to our,many mind problem, I know it,no medication is helpful other than meditation,
I feel after meditation, as fresh in mind and soul as a my mind is fresh and refine as there could be a teen ager,
world seem to me so refine because of that, and i like those people to home i hate, reason? all negativity is gone and i am all positive.