I'm 15 and I just wanted some people to message me about how they came out, cause I feel like if I do people might judge me for it, I would like someone to talk to about it :)
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No matter what your going to have haters but o well f them who gives a s wether or not if some one is gay I'm gay if anyone has a problem with it they can go **** them selfs and if they have anything to say to my face they can try me just cuz I'm gay don't mean I can't fight

I feel the same way

I am a middle school teacher and I do think understanding who you are is very important.... But remember... Most Kids your age are generally immature and not very accepting ( no offense I did say most not you ok ) :( young teen years are the worst for bullying..... So if you come out make sure you have a strong group of friends to support you ok :) and if you don't ... I would consider maybe waiting until high school when students aren't competing so much for attention of others by being cruel to those who are different than them....I wish our world was more open and caring .... But it is a harsh world out there are times... Best of luck to you !!

I have not came out to my parents that im bi yet and im scared to how they will react too it

You're just confused.