13 and Its All Planned Out

I am 13 and i have my whole life planned out...now if my plan will work out i don't know. Well i am gon get a job somewhere i think as a waitress wen im 15 and save up sum of my money and wen i saved up enough i'm going to buy my own house and then i'm going to go to college for creative writing and i'm am going to get a better job as a babysitter. Then when i am done college i'm going to publish some books of my own. I am going to have 1-2 kids and  wen i save up enough money i am going to move again into a better house w/ more rooms. And im gon to have a house w/ a game room instead of a basement and a kitchen/dining room. Everybody's going to have a walk in closet and a built in plasma tv. Then wen i save up enough money i'm going to buy a vacation house down in georgia(my home state) and its gon to be near the each w/ waves. And the rest of my life will fall into place...i hope.

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i have a plan as well but im so sick of people telling me
im too young for everything it really ****** me off

by the age when we got out of huigh school we owned our home and we earend the money to pay it off we had moeny for both of us to go to 6 years schools<br />
we were waiting for 21 to adopted a child as we never could have one<br />
<br />
but you know many thing unexpected happen<br />
<br />
my wife was killed at age 19 she gave her life over seas for gor and country the day after i was reported KIA<br />
and our mother took her own life and the *** hole step father got it all

frankly, i dont understand how you have the most views and comments on this -_-

a waitress...... they wont make good money. now i would work somewhere that actually PAYS alittle bit over minimum wage. but thats just me....... i think i know to much about restaurants -_-<br />
<br />
thats wasnt intended to be offensive, if you think you can make good tips then good for you.

me to im 13 yEARS OLD and when i grow up i want to be a mascot and own a mustang gt so keep dreaming and maybe one day it will come true so i wish u good luck merry christmas

its great that you've got goals for the future but beware of holding on tight to your version of the plan. <br />
<br />
You need to be able to adapt it things dont go quite the way you planned.<br />
<br />
Life is about setting goals and achieving them BUT also about being able to find your way around the hurdles that life presents.<br />
<br />
If you dont have any hurdles or obstacles it means youre not living and moving forward with your life.<br />
<br />
ALSO dont get hung up on the belief that happiness is about having material things- thats the one western disease we implant into all our children.<br />
<br />
Happiness is an emotion not a plasma. <br />
<br />
Good luck on your journey !