I Am A 14 Year Old Gay Boy Please Help :(

I am 14 I am gay
I have fallen in love with my best friend (male)
I need someone who knows what I'm going through to talk to
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Will I can help

Hi I'm Alec 14 y/o bi boy I'm looking for gay friends to talk or maybe I'm looking for a bf :D kik me>>> Alec.calsore I want to talk to y'all some ppl r off on kik.. kik me please I'm always available on kik I'm tired of being single hahaha

wow great

I'm gay, 14 year old, I came out to my mom first (divorced parents), she said it was alright, that she loved me any way and she said that she doesn't have the right to change who I am, after that I came out to 6 friends at once, an by the look of some of their faces, I knew sonething was wrong, a week later, one of them came to me and told me that it was fine, that he had other friends who were gay, then, another one told me it was fine, but then, the other four were just talking **** about me all the time, and then, they came one by one telling me they hated me for being gay and **** like that (**** which I don't care about) and up to this day they still hate me to death (which I don't really care either), and now I'm looking for a boyfriend, I just wanted to share my story, hope someone is interested

ok maybe we can talk if you dont mind

I know how you feel :-(

I know how u fill if u want to give each other pics and talk x

Through my own experience, it's better to know for sure if they might like you back, and might even be gay. Just letting you know there isn't a straight answer fro this bc after months of feeling sorry for myself I finally asked him and he wasn't, but it made our friendship a little (only a little) awkward. Its up to you because someone might seem gay but they may only be metro, or may seem str8 but is rlly gay. People aren't always what they seem.

thought i was gay but im bi :P hey dude its okay and any one wana swap some pics woot

same here, im 14 and gay and my only guy friend knows but he doesnt know that i like him

hahha me too.. I like my schoolmate and he doesn't know. I think he likes me Cuz he is the only one who greet me in other schoolmates :D kik me >> Alec.calsore hope we'll be close friends :D

I know how u feel I'm 14 and my best friend knows I'm gay but he does not know I like him

I know how u feel I'm 14 and my best friend knows I'm gay but he does not know I like him

i noe how u feell if u ever want some one to talk to talk to me