Well frist of all my boyfriend his 16 ' and I lost my virginity with him . We done it like 6 times 'the only times we haven't used condom was the 17 of December and the the 23 .I think am pregnant because when we were doing it I felt some warm liquid wich was his ***** and am really scared what would happend with my dad he has problems with his heart he can have a heart attack am so scared and how am his little princesses he doesn't expect that from me he buys me evreything ..And I Been feeling wierd my bobbs hurt I feel like am in my period but am not and my last period was December 7 so am waiting see if it comes .. What do y'all think ?
Cortesalondra Cortesalondra
1 Response Dec 30, 2011

Stress causes you to feel as if you are. Relax ♥ Wait until that date and because you are stressing it naturally could be late but wait two weeks after your "due date" otherwise its a pointless test. Take a test (: but talk to your boyfriend, depending on how he takes it tell him when you are sure or if he is really good tell him now and he can support you ♥ good luck ♥

Thank you, i'm in the same situation as her and i think what you said made alot of sense