(s Story) Last Tear In The Dark

In life the unexpected always happens ,the things you thought would be the same forever change never really know how lucky i really was until i came to terms with these facts.

At first it all happened in a blur as if time had sped up and i was left watching on the sidelines, i watched as they extinguish the flames that sprung up from the failing structure i once lived in. I wouldn’t call it a home as it was nothing of the sort, just a mass of doors , walls and windows that i had grown accustomed to walking through. Even now as i watch it burn no real emotion tugs at my heart or mind just a constant feeling of nothing. I f I do say this myself reader that is the worst emotion of all , anger can cool ,hate can fade ,sadness can be changed however nothing will always remained the same.
I bet your wondering how i ended up in this predicament standing outside a house i care nothing for .i don’t know my past very well as all i have to rely on are memories and dreams however the earliest i have is of a time that swiftly followed my seventh birthday. I was at an age when i had to realise the reality of this world instead of the sweet stories that lulled me to story although even at that young age i was matured beyond my years and understood more of the world then i leton . I think it was at this time that my heart first started to harden.
It had been raining alday , the window was crying as the raindrops rolled down its chilling glass aswell as the small cloud that appeared whenever i breathed on it. I was quietly listening to the commotion downstairs ,the drama happening just under my barefoot. I found no reason to fear the yelling voices anymore as I listened to the sound of raised voices and smashing crockery. Soon after it had first started i found it it was useless to cry or flinch at the loud sounds that plagued the air, all it did was waste energy and give me sore eyes. I found it a useless action that only showed weakness so i had stopped.
As these thoughts ran through my head i had failed to notice the increasing loudness of the clumsy steps that could only belong to my father. Before i carry on i must state this fact that is my father by blood only other then that he yet another man that has trespassed on my life .As i finally came to the realisation that he was intending to see me i looked up , to say i was surprised by his drunken form would be false as like you have guessed this is no rare occurrence. As i watched his shoulders slump forward as he attempted to grab the doorframe to steady himself I took note of his clothes. He wore a torn and dirt covered shirt that judging by the fading colour i assume to have once been red but like everything else about this individual it was cloaked in layers or dirt. His long jeans again like his shirt had been torn in several places showing the tanned skin beneath, as i continued it was at no surprise that the bottoms of the jeans where brown and glad to his legs. His once white trainers could now be mistaken for black, the only indication otherwise was the knowledge that he stole them last week. His long dark wiry hair flicked harshly into his grimy face as his eyes fell on me. ‘’So what are you doing son’’ the worlds barley rolling of his tongue .i swell of rage had started rolling up my insides at the sound of him call me his son, a fact i hated and resented more the idea i cant change it.
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I luv intellegient writerzz i am 1 of dem. itzz an amazinn giftXx loved ya Stori n i will r8 xoxo

u are a good writer, i am here if u ever want to talk

its beautiful prologue..need a breath taking and mixed feelin when read this

U r a great writer. Thanks for posting…

You are an excellent writer and story teller. You should definately work to improve and polish your gift.

You should let all of your emotions out by writing short stories or longs books or even poetry on www.wattpad.com, It's what I'm doing. But it's a good thing to tell the real stuff here. But if there is no emotion, be glad and think yourself lucky. You might have a real poker face. ;)

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