15 Freshman and Pregant

it all started on march 13 2008 i have been going after this boy named "justin" since my 3rd grade year well we got together on march 15. i got pregant in sep. i am a freshman in high school and we love each other very much i am scared to death of having a baby its a little girl and we are going to name her "miranda" but "justin" is so happy to be a daddy he is only 16 she is due june 20 2009 but i will be 16 when shes born because my birthday is june 2 but now all the old friends i had dont speak to me because i am pregant which i think is stupid and alot of the teachers here at the school i go to judge me a lot and i really want to have some of my old friends back but i wouldnt change the fact that im having a little girl and i know she will be my world me and "justin" are going to get married after i have her

i wish all yall young parents the best of luck


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wow married good luck! :)