I Didnt Have One :(

Well I am Mexican and of course its aa tradition for us girls to have a quinceñera! But I sadly didn't have one. I really wanted one but then I though ahead and I knew I would be boring. I'm Christian and my parents are super strict with everything! If I did have a party there would be no music no dancing no nothing! And that would just be a lame *** party. So I decided not to have one. I truly do not want to grow older like all those other people say if possible I would love to be a kid all my life. -Rosita
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1 Response Dec 10, 2012

I'm Christian and I also have strict parents....they didn't let me have anything like that either, but in the end I had one at my church and even though it didn't have all that I had fun and so did my non-Christian, non- Spanish speaking friends....if you can still have one, do so, but I respect if you still don't, just make sure it's special xD