You Never Think Its Going To Happen To You

I woke up today with the idea that i was going to stay home and watch movies and chill. Since i'm on vacay and my parents go to work i get to have the house to myself everyday. So i walk to the kitchen to have breakfast and i saw that my mom was home. I was surprised because she usually tells me when she has a day off. So i asked her if she had her day off and she said that she asked for it. i asked why while i was looking for something to eat. Instead of answering my question she asked me if i had a boyfriend. I never say anything to my mom because we have never been close. I told her no(its true). So i sat down with a bowl of cereal and she said "why are you so hungry all the time.. youve been eating like a pig lately" i said "i dont know"... so she stayed quiet and asked "why havent you opened your new box of pads, we bought them more than a month ago" so i got mad that she kept asking questions and i asked her that what is up with all the questions and to stop cuz it was getting annoying and then out of the no where she asked me if i was pregnant. i was caught off guard and stayed silent but then i said no why would she ask me that. and she said that shes been noticing my eating patterns, that i hadnt have gotten my period(we share a bathroom and knows when it comes cuz hers and mine are the same), she said i had morning sickness and i took naps which i never do... after she said all this she asked me if there was a chance i could be pregnant and i said yes. so she told me she had made an appointment at planned parenthood for a pregnancy test at 3. it was 11 when i woke up.. so we cleaned i showered and left. when we got to the clinic i took the test.. we left because the results would take up to an hour. we went to target and when we passed by the babies section she started to cry:(
we finally went back to the clinic and the results came back positive. So im pregnant! yup pregnant. im still super shocked...
I never payed attention to the things going on with me because i honestly never thought this would happen. My period was here the other two months so thats another reason why i never thought id be pregnant.. Doctor said that it happens to some women so i dont know.. but yeah im pregnant. i feel happy because i have a little man or little girl inside me right now. But im terrified about the future. im still in high school and i want to go to college and be a nurse. But now im pregnant and im not so sure im going to be able to do that. I cant see myself giving this baby up for adoption its already a part of me and i dont think i will be able to let it go. Im happy AND terrified cuz even though im not supposed to be.... I'm 16 and pregnant!
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2 Responses Jul 3, 2012

my name is maggie if you some one to talk to u can text me at 614 961 0827 cant wait here from you i not pregant but i have had friends who were and if i can i would like be there for you as a friend.

awwww im so happy for you my best friend was too and she wanted to give the baby up and then one day i was at her house and she started crying and she told me she wanted to keep the baby. Now she is a mother with the guy who got her pregnant and she is sad and frustrated sometimes, but she would NEVER regret having her little baby girl!