I Had A Scare Today

So I was at school and I went to the bathroom and there was a little blood, not much but enough to scare me. The first thing I thought of was Kylie. I remembered what it was like to lose her and the blood that came with that. I just stared at the blood for like a whole minute before I went into like robot mode and I left and ran to leave but the lady at the front desk told me I had to sign out through the nurse. So I agreed (stupidly). The nurse asked me what was wrong and I told her "I'm bleeding" so she tried handing me a pad and I was like "you don't understand I'm pregnant!" and she was like "oh dear how old are you?" like seriously? So I said "I'm going to the hospital now" and started leaving and she grabbed my arm and was like "I have to contact your parents if your leaving" but I didn't care I ignored her and ran out to my car(leaving all my stuff in the class that still thought I was in the bathroom). I called my mom on the way there and told her I'm probably in trouble at school but explained everything to her.
At the doctor they gave me an ultrasound and they did an examination and all that stuff. My mom got there afterward and they told us that the baby was ok, thank goodness! They said that sometimes light bleeding was normal but if it keeps happening to come back.
I was so scared but I'm happy everything's good now:)
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what a stupid school.

You are strong! So young with such a challenge. I was 24 when I had my daughter and we both ended up in intensive care due to preeclampsia.

That happened with my fiances sister too!

Yeah, I remember a relative telling me how pregnancy and child birth were such a natural process......with all of those tubes and doctors...it didn't quite feel that natural to me!:-)

I'm sure! My fiances sister was 19 when she had her daughter and she said that people told her "oh pregnancy is wonderful!" and she said to me after it was all done and over with "I am NEVER having another baby, that **** is ****** up!" her daughters so cute though:)