Ready To Pop! :d

Just a update about whea i am at..

Im now 37 weeks 2 days preg :) Less than 3 weeks left till i get to meet my gawjus baby :)
My parents have helped heaps :) and we have brought everything we need for babys room and for baby,
babys sex is a surprize :D we have names picked out ready :)
My fiancee has a job and we have a flat and got 2 little kittens :D
everything is working out super good :)
My fiancees parents have come around and helped us lots to, buying nappies and everything.
I had a scan just the other day and she said baby around 7 pound 4 wow! lol and im really tiny, i hide baby well so ive been told LOL

My amazinqq landlord has also helped us heaps, we have a one bedroom place, and he offered to extend it for us and make it 2 bedrooms and put a deck on it for us and we dont gotta pay any extra rent, YAY!!!

the names we have picked out are
Bella jayde hill
and Hunter james hill or kayden hunter hill... Cant decide lol

Thats my life now :) BRING ON JAN 26TH !!! :D xoxoxo
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How very courageous! Hope all works for you! How old is the fiance?

Thanks :) hes just turned 22 :)

That is wonderful. Anyway, it's been a few months. I really want to know the name and sex please. Thank you

She is named Bella Jayde Ann Hill :)

That's such a cute name!! :O

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