today I am officially 10 weeks&&2 days i am 16 years old and is my first child. I have only been to my doctor twice and my next appointment is on Jan. 28th Im really excited that im almost done with first trimester!! I havent told my mom yet and dont plan on telling her until i really start to show because she will try to make me give my child up or abort and i dont want either of those. I am hoping for a boy but i will be happy with a girl also. I have been with my boyfriend about four months now and things moved really fast. He is very supportive about the situation which is really good. Me and my mother dont really get along so i hope my child doesnt bring us apart anymore, but I just want the best for my child when its comes in August. I hope by then she will be able to accept my child as she did myself.
Thats all for now i will update you guys after my next appointment and let you all know how my child and myself are doing !
18-21, F
Jan 9, 2013