Beieng 17

Being 17 is kinda fun.

I have been 17 since the 21st of january. Im so happy to know that i only have a year left untill i can be out on my own and be with my mom and girlfriend. my moms name is angie and my girlfriends name is alexis. love them both. anyway um. I have a job. at a dar care. called Bright Begginings. Little kids are great and fun to work with. I focus on school alot. I go to N.I.C in sandpoint idaho. I put in alot of hours. Im going for my g.e.d being 17 is also very stressful becuase all i really do is  work and go to school. cuz im trying to get my future put together how i want it. so my life is kinda hard but im hanging in there. also its hard becuase im in a long distance relationship, have been for almost a yr. april will be a full yr. so that is very very stressful because i cant see my girl. it sucks. I see her maybe if im lucky once a month. I used to be really addicted to drugs so im trying to stay sober. Being 17 and not going out and partyin is hard because thats what 17 yr olds do right? they have fun. my fun just involves around school. I like school. But its aslo fun to be 17 because i have more say in what happends in my life.. kinda. oh and one very import thing is im in foster care. have been since i was 15.

sometimes being 17 sucks and then some other days it can be fun.

kyza93 kyza93
18-21, F
Mar 4, 2010