16 Days......

When I turned 18 I really didn't feel any older.

I still feel like a kid, and that kinda scares me.

I'm going to college next year, and I don't wanna go out into the real world feeling so naive.

I'm gonna be 19 in 16 days!

I'm one year shy of 20 and I still don't feel like an adult!!!

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3 Responses May 18, 2009

Thanks guys! That does make me feel a bit better.<br />
always good to hear a few words of encouragement :)

Very well said! Lostinmyheart!...Couldn't have said it any <br />
<br />

hello. my name is scotty. i read your story and i understand what you mean. i am older than 20 now but i felt the same way as you do now. its ok for you to feel this way. there is no magic spell or silly dance to do that is gonna make you all the sudden feel or act like an adult. you will come into adulthood in your own way in your own time. being an adult isnt defined by going to college or owning something. it is defined by you and the experiences that you have lived through that make YOU determine wether you are an adult or not. for some people living on your own, paying bills on your own, losing loved ones such as parents and growing up on your own, or being in a worthy relationship with someone.......... those are some examples of what has made a person distinguish themselves as adults and not teenagers anymore. like i said its all up to you. and also don't go by what everyone else around you says and what they percieve you as. that is there version of you, not yours. its your life, your rules, your choices. :)<br />
if you wanna talk about this or anything else you can message me anytime. my name is scotty a.k.a lostinmyheart.<br />
have a nice day! :)