Well I Figured I'd Write a Story

since i will only be 18 for a month longer. exactly.

my 18th year of living has gone by very quickly, but it has been a good one. i graduated at 17, but i was in a horrible relationship with a guy for a year by then. he was dragging my life down, i wasn't able to live, or breathe. so before my 18th birthday i finally broke up with him (he's the type of guy that said he'd hurt himself if i broke up with him- that's why it took me so long. i came to my senses and finally put MYSELF before him).

my parents really have let me do whatever i wanted for the most part- they know i'm not going to do anything too stupid. summer 08 was filled with a few parties (my 18th bday party was infact the craziest though). i started college, which i did horrible in, but it was a very fun year haha. i put too much effort in having fun, rather studying. but i learned from my lesson. i began going to clubs (where i'm from, all clubs are 18 and older)- everything seemed more fun at 18 then ever before- my parents used to be strict. we went on a family vaction to barabos for christmas and new years. so i started 09 on a caribbean island. suuuuuper nice ;). january was back to school- stillllll sucked. valentines day 09 i met my amazing boyfriend, and we've been together since... but not physically because he's a United States Marine. we actually met at a club lol. most of my great memories from then on consists of him and i visiting one another... except for spring break. i live in one of the biggest "spring break capitals" of the US, and this was the first spring break i could do whatever i wanted. here in my hometown, we celebrate spring break for a bout a month and a half (while all the other colleges come down and party WITH us.) it's great. i got to see lil wayne, ying yang twins, jim jones, and asher roth in concert. i was down at the beach with my girls like everrryday. and i got my very first sunburn ever. i'm part black, part white. i don't get sunburns okay. HA, i got a horrrrrible one that time. it was insane. next tim i decide to live on the beach for a few weeks straight, i'll be bringing sunblock.

so like i've said, i only have one month left- august 9th. i've had the best halloween, christmas, new years, valentines day AND july 4th (my boyfriend came down to see me :]) allllll in my 18th year. kind of sad to be turning 19 soon. there's nothing exciting about it, and it's a year away from 20 augh!

hopefully 19 will bring me even better times ;)

LuckyBohne LuckyBohne
18-21, F
Jul 9, 2009