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    I spent the day of my 18th birthday in my apartment. From the minute I woke up, until the minute I left to go catch a bus to my grandparents house for a birthday dinner (Chinese food ;-)). And sometime between the moment I opened my eyes that morning, and the moment I left for dinner and my front door clicked shut behind me, I realized that that day.. I was the luckiest, richest person in the world.
    All I can remember ever really wanting in my life was parents, who not only loved me, but cared enough for me to be there when I really needed them. And maybe even a boyfriend (someday, I thought when I was still a kid), someone to share all the love I had kept hidden away most of my life, also someone to always be able to count on, someone to face the storm with, someone to wipe the raindrops, and the tears, from my face all at once.
    On my 18th birthday, I was overwhelmed when I realized, that I had those things, and to my ashtonishment, some of that was there the whole time. So while muling over nearly every memory I have of my life; Past experiences, good times, bad times, times I thought I wouldnt live to smile even one more time.... At some point in time, I saw this. You can imagine how I felt looking back at my life before day, wondering why I had waited until now to finally come to this realization.
     I had an amazing boyfriend. He was there for me for the hardest weeks of my trying to stay clean off Crystal Meth. He stood behind me when at least one of his best friends held their friendship over his head if he kept on dating me. He took time off work so that he could be there for emotional support (just incase the worst happened), and travelled hours and hours up island on a greyhound bus with me, when I went up to visit my mom, and be there for her wedding.
    Most importantly, I had the parents I had always felt I was robbed of in my childhood. And the funny thing is that they had been there all along; my Grandparents were the best parents anyone could have. period. Even though I wasnt really their responsibility they always made sure I had what I needed, they tried their hardest everyday to make me as happy as they possibly could.
    The day I turned 18, I was the most loved, the most significant, the most spoiled teenager on the planet. There werent presents to be unwrapped, and their wasnt anyone more than my boyfriend to go out and have a good time with, but there was a family. My Family. That night I was so exhausted by all of the suddenness of finally feeling loved, of finally having my dream come true, I went to bed somewhere around 9 that night.. And so the best sleep of my life followed the best day.

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I think one of the most important things in life is family =)