Im 18 Years Old...

I have a  1 year old son who means the world to me, and a boyfriend who is my world. We are trying to get our lives on the right track to have a stable life for our son. Hes our main priority. I think that is why my boyfriend has decided to join the marines. Hes trying hard to provied for our little family. I really know just about nothing about the marines and thats what scares me the most. 

We are engaged and hopeing to marry in 2011 unless things change then it would move up not back.

MissMiriah188 MissMiriah188
18-21, F
1 Response Sep 9, 2009

I wish you luck in whatever your future turns out to be. Focus on taking care of yourself and child. From your story it seems you have a hard working young man that is trying to make things work. Again, I wish you happiness and prosperity in your future.