I recently turned 18 and I'm not at all where I was hoping I'd be right now. I had plenty of dreams that I now realise were unrealistic due to certain unfortunate circumstances. I get majorly jealous of 17 year olds who are in college and have accomplished so many things already.  Not to mention that I can actually go out legally..wich for some reason feels totally wrong. Hope I'll get used to it!

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I am 9 years older than you and some advice I can give you is: -<br />
<br />
1- Realise there is more to life than living. God.<br />
2 - Do what is right, be true to yourself and once you decide, go after your decision all out. This is my recipe for never regretting my past. "I did it my way"... Its no small thing to be able to say this.<br />
3 - Always be ready to reassess you place in life and your decisions, and repeat 2 if needs be.<br />
4- Life can be tough, but you can handle it.<br />
<br />

Yeh that's true, but still you've got to understand how big the bounce from 17 to 18 is..

Oh wow youre 18 youre so young youve got your whole life ahead of you. wait till your 23 and start complaining cause that sucks.

oh wow, i'm not the only one? thanx for that !