20, No Girlfriend, And Losing Hope

i already posted this in confessions, so i made a group of it

I have'nt been on this site for a long time so here it goes. I am 20 years old and I neveer had a girlfriend, it really bothers me. In my 20 year existence I barely had any friends, save for a few but none of them ever girls. i never had the experience of kissing, having a relationship, all that stuff. i spend most of my time on the internet looking up articles of what women want and see if i can better myself more. But i guess what i really think would help if i just get a chance, one chance of a girl liking me and being comfortable around me. I know if i get that one chance i can use as much confidence inside me to be with that girl. it worked for my other friends who had girlfriends in the past at least.sadly, i now believe that it just doesnt work like that or around me it doesnt. about a week ago i just decided that i dont need a woman in my life and can be happy without one, i wanted to accept loneliness and just say "this is my fate and i'll deal with it like a man". i felt alright afterwards, it was a work in progress and it seemed like things will be ok. still, there are times when it seems like my friends shove this crap in my face about how they're hanging out with some girls or "this girl said she likes me alot", i get jealous and steamed after that but i try my best to hide my jealousy and just be like "good for you man, you deserve her", when realy i wish it was me in my friends positions. I tried Myspace and these dating sites to find a woman for me but its just the same, they dont care about me or probably suspect im some rapist internet stalker or some junk. I'm slowly losing hope anymore that i'll be able to live happily unless i can just spend time with one woman. but as far as i see it, all i see is me being alone, miserable, and not worthy of this life i was given.
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lTake dancing lessons,girls ;love guys who can dance.........plus there is never enough guys at the dances........trust me on this one......Love Lucy

Your going about it all wrong. Its not about getting it all right, its about stuffing up and making mistakes. Articles about what women want are a load of c***, they aren't going to help at all. You need to get yourself out there man. Go out with some of the friends you do have, put yourself in situations where you are interacting with girls.