What Lies Ahead For Me

I just turned 20 last sunday, but last saturday as I stared at the clock to count down the last minutes I had at before my last momnents as a teenager, I had a sinking feeling inside of me.Qustions that were running through my mind (and still are) what will be in store for me? What have I done so far? and What will it be like? The Questions were bombarding me so that I had to call my mother for consolidation. I told her all of my questions, she told me that 20 is a wonderful year and that I need to enjoy it but as I look back over my life. I can truly say that I have been blessed and have made it through a lot of storms and tests, and my walk with God has been a good one.

Also I can only remember me working all the time, just working, not having any fun at all. I sat with a friend a couple of nights a go for a test we had to study for. She told me that the only way to get anywhere in this world is to kiss a lot of butt. I thought to myself "Is that really true, is that really all to life?" I currently have a job, where I really don't trust or like the employees and there are a lot that do that sort of thing? I don't want to do this for the rest of my life! I don't want to be told what to do (unless it's my God,my parents, or my teachers). It's like I have this feeling or need for freedom, to see the world and getting closer to my God more than ever before. I am currently on a six day fast, I started after my birthday. My only diet is fruit, nuts, chicken broth, and crackers Because I must discover who I am in Christ. ( I know I am his child but don't know what am I specifically)
jsmith222 jsmith222
18-21, F
Dec 11, 2012