I Feel Old..hahaha

I love being 22... Now when I go to a bar and someone asks how old I am I don't need to say 21- and have the assume I'm some dumb lil 21 year old oc stuckup girl. lol now they can think "oh she's 22..she's already experienced turning 21 and the whole partying stage" :) does anyone get what I mean? haha

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2 Responses Feb 18, 2010

thats so funny i just turned 22 a few monthes back and said the SAME THING to my boyfriend.. was like 'i feel like an actual adult now cause you tell people your 21 and they think 'oh you know what that means she parties all the time..' but now i feel.. sophisticated.. like no im not a stupid 21 year old.. im 22!

hahah exactly, SQ!! haha I don't mind getting older Jason, just glad I'm passed the baby 21 yr old stage haha