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I Am 23

And have not done the things i though i would by this age. All my friend are graduating getting their degrees and where am i? College drop out at 19. Party animal 20-21. Got engaged at age 21. At age 22 i got married and later got pregnant. now at age 23 i've become a mother. I still have the goal to go back and make things right even though at my job i see that things are getting hard so i don't think Registered Nurse would be a good choice for me. Ugh gotta get back on track and yes that is my Goal!!
Skellington89 Skellington89 22-25, F 1 Response Jun 14, 2012

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Getting on track career wise is a good thing, as is being a good parent. Doing both is possible, but involves compromises. It will be important to reach for both without letting one overwhelm the other. Good luck in your journey.