Am 24.....had A Tragedy How To Start Over Agin Please Help Me Out

i always felt young and beautiful before this happened to from an asian country where we have concepts of getting married early,by profession am a dental surgeon...well 6 years back i had a classmate we both were like real buddies then how this friendship ended up in loving each otheri dont we decided to get we got engaged after tht we started spending weekends together and it was all like a lovely dream he was a military person though we dint get to meet very often but when ever we were together we were like completely for the time for marriage was coming near by...i started shopping...bags shoes embroided pretty stuff in short everything a girl could wish for.....while i was on my way to pick my wedding dress i got a call from home to come back as early i can....i dint get the point of coming so urgently when i came back they made me sit and told me not to receive any fiance had an accident and he was no more in this world.i started screaming i dint know wht to do the love of my life was no more with me...everything got dark....i dint know wht m the funeral i still cant get his image out of my hear he ws bandaged all over bruised eyes broken nose...he was hurt real bad and i was crying and crying asking him to come back dont leave me here alone please come back but he could hear me....this july it wud be an year but every single day i spend if like a torture to me....i planned for suiside like a thousand times....i just couldnt do it because of the people like my parents who still want me in their lives......i want to start over get settled after a long long relationship its really hard to live alone......please tell me wht to do where to start from...........m totally lost need
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1 Response May 11, 2012

As hard as it may sound you have to continue your life and bounce back from this tragic incident. Force yourself out the door and go for a run, keep your mind occupied by only positive things, talk as much as you need to about everything. Ive dealt with death many times in my life and im only 24 soi can relate a little but definitely not fully. Life is unfair sometimes, it truly is but accepting that and blazing your own trail of happiness is the only way to enjoy it again. :) talk as much as you need to