Well, Not Really

I really feel younger! I feel more like 15, i am really a kid inside even with energy, but have mature so much thanks to my love...

This was not so before, I mean I was mad at men for being just sex maniacs, and my diet sucked, even though i was eating the way, top sciencetists tell you. Oh and the FDA, screw them!!! Well not everybody in there, just the leaders,pigs!!! The followers don't know what the leaders goal really is, Their own financial gain and.... anyway, the ones who don't know what's going on they mean well.

But my love showed me, his caring love and showed real food and my skin changed, my blood turned alkaline instead of being acidic!!! I burned fat without working out!! No Products Just real organic foods! I regained bone density, energy oh yes more energy with real organic food!!! Oh Yeah , PMS, problems Good Bye!!! Many things are called organic at the organic markets but are really not especially SOME of the boxed stuff. Avoid man made sugar like the plague, it's bad!!! Destroys your hormonal balance and your bodies system slowly but surely, soon you wont be able to burn fat efficiently if you continue with the sweets, once in awhile is ok.  But better not too touch man made or changed sugar.  Natural is good, I mean how you ever heard of anybody, gaining weight from eating too many sweet grapes!!! The natural sugar is good for you.

If I still had the feminist thinking, I would have told him don't control me with telling me what to eat, This is America!! I look pretty good and I am my own independent woman, I eat what I want, i don't tell you what to eat!!!! I am glad I listened and took his guidance, it wasn't easy at first, but now OH yes, it's great!!!

Submitting to Love and his leadership has it's benefits!!! And we don't argue about what we eat, anymore!!!!
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26-30, F
1 Response May 24, 2007

You sound way excited by your new found health and energy. Tell me more, my entire family needs a boost in the health department and I read a lot about health. Let me know more of whats worked for you