25 And No License

Iam 25 years old and I still dont have my license. I dont know what it is. I have driven before but something is holding me back from going to the dmv. I dont know if it is because im afraid to be in a car with someone I dont know. I dont know if it is because I dont feel like I know enough to drive. My mom says I am a great driver but I feel like I black out when I drive. I dont know what to do because everyone keeps pushing me to get it. I dont know what to do or what I need to over come this.
26-30, F
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Yeah I don't know drive ether

I hate that I don't drive. Its literally ruined my life. I can't find another job, I lose friends, potential bfs, family has gotten fed up with it, I have depression cuz of it. I'm just so scared to drive alone.

I live by the cycle. I can't afford a car and have managed not to need one for years. I can get a loan of one if I need. Cars cost money, cycles less so and I'm the fitter because of it. Not only that but they are quicker round town, have their own lanes and you can park them anywhere or even take them into some shops.

Lol, u are just a chicken. :)do I really got to drive 3000 miles to come show u how to drive and persuade you to get your license?you need to drive a truck like mine. That's the only way to overcome this lol

Ok im chicken. Fine Im afraid to drive when I dont have another person in the car with me. Happy. so drive here and teach me now ;)

Lol well, just put a blow up doll next to u everytime lol. That would be creepy tho. O well, Atleast u cud feel more comfortable ha. Well, I'm goin to Louisiana and Kentucky the next couple months for work. How close is that? Lol

hahahaha Why do you keep saying things like that??? I swear I know u and your tricking me. This is too weird. I just made a blowup doll comment to the person "I think you are" the other day.
louisiana and kentucky? still not close enough lol Im a new englander.

Hahaha idk!? I just think things then say them lol.maybe I just have a weird imagination like u lol. Well dang, my job corresponds to the oil industry and I don't think there is any oil in new England lol. Why do u gotta live so far? Geeze

haha yes i do have a weird imagination and a sarcastic sense of humor. lol
oil industry?!? hmmm nope lol
I live so far because life likes to screw with me.

Lol good cuz I do too.ya, like Exxon Mobil, chevron, companies like that.I'm about to get hired on at chevron tho. I passed there 3 section assessment test and I have an interview on the 11th. I was chosen to take the test out of 1500 applicants. So I hope I get this job. It's a bad@ss company lol.what u mean cuz life likes to screw with u? U sayn u wish I lived by u? ;)

Oh wow thats awesome! Good for you :) I hope you get it too.
What Im trying to say issssssss. Everytime I have a friendship with someone LIFE likes to screw with me and show me that this friendship is gonna be harder than u think. lol

Thank u miss. I will be making bookoo bucks as they say. Don't know who they is but it's what they say ha. Welllllll, it will only be hard if u make keep that negative attitude lol :) I'm a glass is half full kinda guy lol

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I got my licence at 25 too... At the time I had no motivation whatsoever to drive, had access to transit and was good enough for me. Sure I've had a learners permit since I was 17, and practice a ton of times went through drivers ed but that wasn't enough of a push. I was very sporadic about tests too, took three driving tests between 17 and 25 and every time I felt like I had no idea what I was doing when I found out I failed.... But then I don't know how to explain it but suddenly had this itch to start driving, it became this challenge to tackle in my life at the time. It didn't hurt having a job in a location where driving would have made things easier for me...Anyways once this idea got in my head I went to the DMV twice in a row, and I finally passed. Let me tell you that moment when you pass is a surreal experience and I felt like I got away with something at the time. It gets better though and the more driving around you do the easier it feels, I'll admit certain things freak me out while driving but it's also more familiar than it used to be.

Anyways I wish you luck

thank you :) i always feel like a disappointment to everyone too. like there is something wrong with me. and that fact that people always are pushing me to get my license makes me want it less. I want it but at the same time i want it for me not cuz other people think i need to have it.

I totally understand this. I'm 25 as well, no license. My family tries to get me to feel ashamed of it because I have nieces and nephews and younger cousins who drive. <br />
<br />
I don't know. Maybe I'm afraid to be independent. Or afraid to drive in general. I did hit someone once, didn't check my blind spot. I feel so on edge, paranoid when I "practice" driving. <br />
<br />
My permit is about to expire next week and I don't even know if I should renew it.

Be optimistic. Think positive coz you won't move forward if you always hold yourself back and have doubt in yourself. Just relax, when they say it, maybe it's because they know you're a great driver. Have confidence in yourself and you'll have that license and reach your goals in life. :) Good luck.

thank you!